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HDGENIUS INC. was founded in 2004 and committed to the devolopment and design video processing technology and family life platform. We main wholesale video converter , video converter , splitter , splitter , HDMI , HDMI 1.4V , SCART , SCART ...

High Product Quality
We guarantee the product quality. All are produced with best raw and processed materials and advanced technology. Every product must pass strict quality inspection before sales, including shock-proof test, battery test and so on.

Warranty service
Free maintenance is available within 1 year since the purchase date if any quality problem is found.

High Service Quality
We believe that customer service is our most important thing. And we have more than 10 years of precious experience in overseas export. We understand the needs of market and are always in a position to provide buyers with the latest products for their different regions.

Better price
We are located in the IT base of South China, owning abundant raw material and doing mass production. So we can supply our client the low sourcing cost with high quality.

Security & Easy Order & Fast Shipping
HDGENIUS is a Chinese based general trading and production company, the global source centre of electronic products.Orders sent by express company, such as DHL and FeDEx, arrive at your doorstep within an average of 3 days.