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HD 3x1 HDMI Switch 3 in 1 out 1080P HDMI Distributor Romote Standard

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Take control of 3 in 1 out HDMI switcher is a small, high performance HDMI switcher. Its unique design, exquisite appearance. Multiple input is also connected to a plurality of HD video source, such as PS3 and HD set-top box. Send the output high definition audio / video signals to a high definition television. It has good compatibility, compatible with Blu ray DVD, satellite TV, PS3, Blu ray players, Xbox360... Resolution of up to 1080P, it not only has the key to cycle switching, including remote control switch and intelligent switch. That is to say, as long as you are in the signal source device for switching power supply, in response to the switch will automatically. Standard equipment includes an infrared receiving extender, convenient manipulation.

Suitable equipment:
For digital high-definition TV, plasma displays, LCD, set-top boxes, DVD players, Blu ray players, digital cameras, audio / video receiving device, projector, video home system inter connection, signal amplification, multi picture transformation, multi frame selection.

The characteristics of the product:
1. support HDMI1.3. fully support 1080p, support 12-bit pixels.
2. support for video signal amplification bandwidth of up to: 2.5Gbps
3. the intelligent switch and manual switching double selection
4. support the ends of long distance transmission of each 25 meters (specific length and wire related)
5. compatible HDCP devices
6. support for high-definition video, high-quality images

The intelligent function:
1. switch power supply, it will automatically open source equipment, selection of priority:
Input 1> input 2> input 3
2. when the power of a source device or the source device is inserted into the switch, it will automatically select the source device.
3. when the power off a source device or the source device from the switch is pulled out, it will automatically select the next power source is open source equipment, selection of priority: input 1> input 2> input 3

Product specifications:
1. the signal input / output
The input video signal: 0.5-1.0 volts P-P
Input signal: DDC volts P-P (TTL) 5
One way connection signal maximum range: 1920X1200, 1080P
The output video signal: HDMI1.3b+HDCP1.0/1.1
2. support video format
3. digital signal input / output
HDMI support: HDMI 1.3
4. the operating frequency
The frequency of Up to 250MHz
Field 60Hz
The video amplification bandwidth 2.5Gpbs/250MHz
HD support (HDTV)
Interlaced scanning (50&60Hz) 480i, 576i, 1080i
Progressive scan (50&60Hz) 480P, 576P, 720P, 1080P
5. plastic packaging

Product introduction:

We use the PS3, Blu ray players, and HTPC, and HD video camera on this product is evaluated. At the same time connected to the switch, we first have a look at the same time demonstrates the performance of PS3. We use the Gundam musou. Use and one HDMI line connection is not separately from the picture of the performance point of view, no interference appeared quite clear.

Blu ray players use Sony S300 playback, we use the blue Infernal Affairs, Pirates of the Caribbean, from the top of the picture can be seen that the signal performance, black structured, details without involuntary discharge of urine. The above trial equipment all version of HDMI1.3 equipment.

The last one is the use of support Sony X.V.COLOER HD digital video camera, connecting the playing super wide color gamut picture, color is pure, clear and natural, color saturation, the reduction degree, will be just perfect but not to lose. Do the most true color reproduction.