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3 Port HD HDMI Switch 3 in 1 out HDMI Interface

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Connect the screen test
We use the PS3, Blu ray players, and HTPC, and HD video camera on this product is evaluated. At the same time connected to the switch, we first have a look at the same time demonstrates the performance of PS3. We use the Gundam musou. Use and one HDMI line connection is not separately from the picture of the performance point of view, no interference appeared quite clear.

Blu ray players use Sony S300 playback, we use the blue Infernal Affairs, Pirates of the Caribbean, from the top of the picture can be seen that the signal performance, black structured, details without involuntary discharge of urine. The above trial equipment all version of HDMI 1.3 equipment.

The last one is the use of support Sony X.V.COLOER HD digital video camera, connecting the playing super wide color gamut picture, color is pure, clear and natural, color saturation, the reduction degree, will be just perfect but not to lose. Do the most true color reproduction.

1. support for the international standard version 1.2 HDCP content protection;
2. HDMI 1.3 version 1.4
3. operating temperature range: -15 to +55 c
4. operating humidity range: 5 to 90%RH (not frozen)
5. support video input format: VGA:1920*1280/1280*1024/1024*768/800*600/640*480 HDTV/DTV:1080P/1080I/720P/576P/576I/480P/480I
6. support video color format: a color depth of 24 bit /36 bit color depth
7. supported audio formats: LPCM, DOLBY-AC3, DTS7.1, DSD
8. the input video signal: 5.0Volts P-P
9. Transmission distance: ≤ 15M (if you need to transfer the longer distance, need to connect the extender)
10. data transmission speed: 10.2G
11. the maximum working current: 200MA
12. power adapter format: input: AC (50HZ 60HZ) 100V-240V; output: DC5V