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Products > 1x2 HDMI Splitters >10pcs 1x2 HDMI Splitter Distribution Amplifier HDCP Support 3D

10pcs 1x2 HDMI Splitter Distribution Amplifier HDCP Support 3D

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1.HDMI Splitter 1x2 is a flexible hub for multiple displays. If you connect 2 or more HDMI distributors, you can make a bigger distributor.
2. HDMI distributor uses a HDMI cable to connect the HDMI signal source to the input of the distributor. There are 4 HDMI output. Output 1 is the main output, used to connect the main display. Output 2 follow the main monitor.
3. HDMI products support audio and video signals.
4. fully compatible with HDCP.

1. while connecting the 2 HDMI display to the 1 video signal can be displayed simultaneously.
2. support 720I, 720p, 1080i, 1080p resolution
3. support HD resolution video - up to 1080p of high quality HDTV resolution can be easily obtained
4. support HDCP
5. quick installation, simple operation

Technical specification:
1. video amplifier bandwidth: 2.5 Gbps
2. input video signal level: 1.2 P-P Volts
3. input DDC signal level: 5 P-P volts (TTL)
4. single channel connection signal range: 1080p/1920x1200
5. HDMI connector: class a 19 pin female head
6. video output: DVI-I 25 pin female head (pure digital)
7. power supply: DC 5V
8. power consumption: 5 watts (maximum)
9. dimensions: 65*61*9mm