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Products > HDMI Switch >10pcs 3x1 HDMI Switch 3 TO 1 With Remote Control

10pcs 3x1 HDMI Switch 3 TO 1 With Remote Control

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1-5 67.73
5-30 56.45
>30 52.1


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HDMI 3 to 1 switcher, which can very convenient of the three signal source switching to a display, and also have key conversion and intelligent function. Using a fixed HDMI line, not only for you to bring benefits, but also save your time. This HDMI switcher can be transmitted from an arbitrary signal source port to the display of high definition video (1080p) and digital audio transmission. 

The source port of all input devices can be matched with the port of HD video at the same time, compatible with HD-DVD, SKY-STB, PS3, etc.  
The output sends the high definition audio / video signals to a high definition display.
Input video signal: volts P-P 0.5-1.0
* input DDC signal: 5 P-P volts (TTL)
* single path connection signal maximum range: 1920X1200, 1080P
* frequency: 50/60Hz
* video amplifier bandwidth: 2.5Gpbs/250MHz
* maximum support HDMI line length: 15 m
* maximum support length of the output HDMI line: 15 m
* supported resolution: 50/60HZ (576i):480i, 1080i; Progressive (50/60HZ):480p, 576p, 720p, 1080p
Audio and video input port: 3 X HDMI
Audio and video output port: 1 X HDMI
* smart switch and manual switching dual choice
* product line: CE UL FCC certification;
* environmental protection comply with ROHS directive;

* supports the highest video resolution up to 1080P;
* supports 250MHZ HDMI clock bandwidth, 2.5Gbps data bandwidth per channel (all channel 7.5Gbps data bandwidth);
* supports 12bit Deep Color HMDI (all channel Deep Color 36bit);
* supports no compressed audio, such as LPCM;
* supports compressed digital audio signal transmission, such as Digital Dolby, Digital DTS (Dolby digital);
* support HDCP devices.