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16 Port PS/2 KVM Switch

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It enable to control multiplecomputers(DVR) through a group of monitor, keyboard and mouse. This saves not onlyequipment like monitor, keyboard and mouse, but also precious space, and noneed to walk around while working. 

Especially in those narrow computer room, itis convenient for master control, reduce monitors and radiation, good forhealth. Therefore, KVM switch plays more and more important role in the age ofmodernized information management. It is widely used in bank, telecom,securities, industrial control for multiple server and user operation, also itis applicable in final testing for computer manufacturers. Features: 

1. Controls 8 computers from asingle console (PS/2 Keyboard/Mouse) 

2. Supports Windows, Linux, MacOS9/OSX, Sun Micro systems. 

3. Supports hot pluggable. All devices connected to the KVM can be added orremoved any time, no need turn off the PC. 

4. Supports 2 switch modes: (1) Push Button, (2)Hot-Keys on the keyboard. 

5. Supports Auto-Scan function to switch video automatically amongcomputers in preset intervals sequentially by OSD menu driven. 

6. Supports LED display for PC and/orserver status monitoring. 

7. Supports VGA resolutions up to 1920×1440 @ 60Hz. 

8. Supports Beeper duringswitching enabled. 

9. Poweredwith external power adaptor connection. 

10. Fully compliant with the USB 1.1/2.0 specification. 

11. RackMountable in 19″- (1U).