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2 Port DVI KVM Switch 2x1

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The DVI KVM Switch with built-in sound effect function. It is specially designed for users of PC and Mac with built-in DVI interfaces and loyal fans of SOHO environment and technology, which is well-suited for DVI. 

This unique type of KVM switch can easily control two computers, which have built-in DVI interfaces, via a DVI display and either a PC or Mac keyboard and mouse. Image distortion due to conversion of analog and digital signals will not be a problem anymore.


1. One USB console controls 2/4 DVI computers 

2. Fully compliant with the DVI-Digital and DVI-Analog specification 

3. DVI interface technology to ensure crisp and clean digital display 

4. Switch Mode: a. button push b. Keyboard Hot-Key switch c. Mouse switch(need install software) 

5. Multiplatform support: compatible with all operation platforms PC (Windows, Linux and most others), Mac and Sun 

6. With audio enabled 

7. Computer selection via front panel pushbuttons and hotkeys 

8. Superior video quality - up to 1920 x 1200; DDC2B 

9. HDCP compliant

2Port DVI KVM Switch