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2 Port USB Automatic HDMI KVM Switch

QTY Price
1-5 129.03
5-30 107.52
>30 99.25


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2 port automatic USB2.0 port KVM switch 1 set of keyboard, mouse, monitor and control 2 HDMI interface to the computer; do not need to install the software, switch button, hotkey switching, support engine in dial, automatic scanning can monitor any work in computer, applicable securities market, education and a variety of industries.

The USB2.0 port KVM switch.

The LED display for monitoring status.

- support Microsoft IntelliMouse, Logitech mouse and so on.

- support DOS, Win3.X, Win98/98SE/2000/ME/2003/2008/XP/IOS, MAC, Win7, Win8, WinNT, Netware, Unix, Linux.

- support hot swappable, does not need to turn off the KVM switch and the computer can be inserted or removed by connecting with the computer.

- excellent image quality, resolution up to 1920*1440, the 60Hz DDC2B bandwidth: 2.55G

- without software control, the host computer can operate according to the button or keyboard or mouse hotkey options. The function of automatic detection for monitoring PC operation.

- suitable for hard disk recorders.