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2 Way Audio Optical Fiber Extender

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Product description:
MTS-2A-TR series of digital single channel audio optical transmission, can be a positive way of audio signals in a single optical fiber. 24bit/96KHZ digital sampling to ensure high fidelity transmission; full digital optical transmission channel, to ensure the high quality of signal transmission. On the face of the panel, the power indicator light, the light signal indicator and the audio signal indicator, which can detect power, light signal and audio signal state.

The MTS-2A-TR series is a high performance audio transmitter, long distance audio transmission system with high reliability.

Product characteristics:
1. Single and multimode fiber transmission, distance 0-120KM ;
2. High speed synchronous digital transmission technology ;
3. No need to adjust the dynamic range of super optical ;
4. Power, optical signal, audio, data status indicator ;
5. Electric plug (card structure) ;
6. No electromagnetic interference, no radio frequency interference, no ground current ;
7. To protect the poor electromagnetic environment safe transmission ;

Intercom system;
Public Address System;

Audio features:
1. Audio input impedance: 10K ;
2. Audio output impedance: 600Ω ;
3. Interface mode: non - balanced ;
4. interface Input / output ratio: 1/1 ;
5. Frequency response: 20HZ-20KHZ ;
6. Audio sampling rate: 24bit/96KHZ ;
7. SNR: more than 75dB ;