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2x2 VGA Matrix Switcher with Audio

QTY Price
1-5 209.67
5-30 174.72
>30 161.28


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2x2 matrix VGA Matrix Switch is multi VGA and audio input, multi VGA and audio output, can be multi channel synchronous output can also be any input corresponding to the independent any output.

1. ultra wideband technology design, 400M (B -3d) with full VGA video bandwidth ;

2. using digital synchronous recognition processing (DSIP) technology ;

3. the use of a variety of switching control mode: infrared remote control switch, key operation switch, RS232 control switch ;

4. the Rs232 control command is compatible with most of the matrix and matrix keyboard ;

5. multi group global preset, power off automatically save ;

6. there is a high compatibility and stability, has a high cost;