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Products > IP Over Coax Extender >4-channel IP Video Extender Over Coaxial RG59 for CCTV IP Camera System

4-channel IP Video Extender Over Coaxial RG59 for CCTV IP Camera System

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The 104E is the high-performance Ethernet-over-Coaxial extender that converts between twisted pair (UTP) and coaxial cable for every kind of IP Ethernet application. 

It offers the absolutely fastest data transmission speed over existing coaxial cable without the need of rewiring. 

On the UTP side, the 4-channel IP Video Extender Over Coaxial RG59 uses a modular EIA / TIA 568 RJ-45 connector that supports CAT-5/5e or above wiring with the distance up to 100 meters (328 feet). On the coaxial cable side, the 104E utilizes a BNC connector that supports 50ohm or 75ohm coaxial cable with the distance up to 1.5km. It is ideal for extending the distance and signal conversion by transmitting the Ethernet data from the coaxial cable for any type of IP network device such as IP camera, wireless access point, NVR and digital signage.

High Transmission Speed
Physical Port transmission rate up to 200Mbps.
Valid data flowing rate up to 80Mbps
Transmission distance up to 1500M
Supply 10/100Mbps 1-port Ethernet interface and 1-port BNC interface

High compatibility
Support QAM 16/64/256/1024, DQPSK,DBPSK and ROBO modulation technology.
Support conformability transmission QoS, Multicast and IGMP,Surge arrester.

High security
Adopt 128bits AES data encryption and Key management.
Adopt Peer-to-peer network framework
Plug and Play (without any setting)