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4 Channels Fiber Optic Video Transmitter Receiver

QTY Price
1-5 28.3
5-30 23.58
>30 21.76


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This fiber video transceiver provides the ability to transmit 4-channel uncompressed video and data over fiber. Plug and play design ensures ease of installation and no electrical or optical adjustments are ever required. LED indicators are provided for rapidly ascertaining equipment operating status.
  • 8/10 bits digitally encoded video transmission
  • NTSC, PAL, and SECAM auto compatible
  • Surface mount technology
  • WDM technology
  • LED indicators for monitoring of system operating status
  • Immune to EMI, RFI
  • Surge protection against transient surge and over voltage
  • Automatic re-settable fuses, short circuit protection
  • FC,ST,SC Optical Connectors