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4 Port 100M Fiber Optical Transceiver

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10 / 100M adaptive Ethernet single fiber bidirectional optical transceiver, high-quality single fiber bidirectional optical transceiver module, stable performance, quality excellent.

For Telecom, radio and television, broadband network and other needs to improve the data traffic and high performance, high reliability of the network environment. 14 RJ45 port and 1 SC fiber interface, realizes the photoelectric conversion between optical fiber and twisted pair;

Only one core optical fiber can complete the transmission of a signal, compared with the double fiber mode to improve the optical fiber transmission capacity of a double;

Comply with 10Base-T IEEE802.3u and 100Base-TX 100Base-FX, IEEE802.3 standard;

10M/100M adaptive capability;

Port adaptive direct line / cross line connection;

Supports full duplex / half duplex operation mode;

Support IEEE802.3X full duplex flow control and half duplex back pressure flow control;

Support to prevent broadcast storm;

Supports 1916 Byte large data frames (option);

Built in lightning protection circuit, can greatly reduce the damage caused by lightning induction;

Double stranded 100 meters long;

single mode optical fiber is the longest 100 km; There are 6 LED indicator: Power, TX 100, Link/Act TX, FX 100, Link/Act FX, FDX/Col;

is easy to monitor the work state of the transceiver and to determine the cause of failure;

There are two types of external and internal power supply: AC100 ~ 265V / DC5V switching power supply;

Working environment temperature: 0 ~ 50;

Storage environment temperature: - 70 ~ 40;