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4 Port SDI Splitter 1 To 4

QTY Price
1-5 219.67
5-30 183.05
>30 168.97


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SDI Video Splitter is a single SDI video signal data is distributed to 4 complete SDI signal In the conversion process, there is no signal loss, and the clean, high and clear picture produced in each of the distribution of output.

The device fully supports a variety of formats (NTSC, PAL, etc.), and to achieve the perfect 1080p@60Hz Full HD output.


1. 1 to 4 SDI video distribution;

2. support for the standard SDI (270Mbps), HD-SDI (1.485Gbps), (hd) and full HD 3G-SDI (2.97Gbps) video format;

3. built in cable equalizer Equilizer, clock circuit Reclocker and cable drive Driver Cable;

4. maximum cable length (Belden-B1694): SD supports 400m, HD supports 200m, 3G supports 140m;

5. SDI excellent jitter suppression function, near perfect eye index;

6. with power and SDI signal format indicator to facilitate real-time monitoring of users;

7. the built-in ESD protection circuit, can effectively prevent static damage;