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Products > KVM Extender >70 Meters USB KVM Extender with Anti-lightning Function

70 Meters USB KVM Extender with Anti-lightning Function

QTY Price
1-5 157.26
5-30 131.05
>30 120.96


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The Extender includes a Sender and a Receiver. using the latest VGA and USB extend technology, can extend USB and VGA port signal of the computer max up to 70 meters through a single Cat5E cable. Support the external devices with USB protocol as: Data-Acquisition-Device, U-Disk, Camera, Keyboard, Mouse etc. It also provides a VGA port on Sender for local use, convenient to maintenance and workstation management, also well for data security, helpful to reduce the noise and heat. It can widely used in the Computer-System, Monitor-System, Data-Service-Center, Industrial-Control, Enterprise-Computer-Management, Education, Banking, Securities-System, Family etc.. The Extender (include the Sender and Receiver) with Anti-Lightning for enhances the reliability and stability.