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8 Port DVI KVM Switch

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1-5 419.35
5-30 349.45
>30 322.57


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The DVI KVM Switch withbuilt-in sound effect function. It is specially designed for users of PC and Mac with built-in DVI interfaces and loyal fans of SOHO environment and technology, which is well-suited for DVI. 

This unique type of KVM switch can easily control two computers, which have built-in DVI interfaces, via a DVI display and either a PC or Mac keyboard and mouse. Image distortion due to conversion of analog and digital signals will not be aproblem anymore.


1. One USB console controls 8pcs DVI computers ;

2. Fully compliant with the DVI-Digital and DVI-Analog specification ;

3. DVI interface technology to ensure crisp and clean digital display ;

4. Switch Mode: a. button push b. Keyboard Hot-Key switch ;

5. Multiplatform support: compatible with all operation platforms PC (Windows, Linux and most others), Mac and Sun ;

6. Computer selection via front panel pushbuttons and hotkeys ;

7. Superior video quality - up to 1920 x 1200; DDC2B ;

8. HDCP compliant;