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AV Signal Extender 900m

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  •  Coaxial video amplifier, repeater up to 900 meters / 2,952ft
  •  Use a 75-ohm coaxial cable transmission, the most complete distance of 900 meters (AV500 on the back-end)
  •  Video Bandwidth: 5MHz ±3dB
  •  Electrostatic protection: ±8kv
  •  The output drive 150Ω video loads
  •  Automatic cable types of compensation
  •  Automatic detection of forward and reverse polarity
  •  Can compensate ± 3 db signal source changes (in addition to the cable loss)
  •  Support PAL / NTSC system
  •  Suitable for single-ended or differential input
  •  Optional serial interface adds additional functionality
  •  High-grade metal shell design, perfect hand feeling
  •  Strict control of the raw materials, manufacturing and testing procedure under the ISO9001 standard, high quality and and Worry-free after-sales.