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Analog Audio L/R Digital Audio Converter

QTY Price
1-5 10.69
5-30 8.9
>30 8.22


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Application areas: analog stereo audio LR turn SPDIF digital audio converter for on left and right channels L / R output normal DVD, television, smart phones and other devices, coaxial /SPDIF digital optical fiber input high fidelity audio equipment, and digital power amplifier machine easy connection, to reach the perfect high fidelity audio signal transmission. 

In order to achieve the perfect high fidelity sound quality, connection port with gilt interface, optical terminal by Sony Corporation of Japan Sony original import terminals, built-in digital ad chip uses the original Sony Sony imported chips, perfect AD conversion!

Will the Toslink interface through the optical fiber line connected to high fidelity digital audio or power amplifier machine, or coaxial interface via the same axis connected to high fidelity digital audio or power amplifier. The R / L connected to DVD or Blu ray LED TV or computer audio output interface power adapter DC plug DC/5V. The power adapter plug into an electrical outlet.