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Automatic 16 Port KVM Switch

QTY Price
1-5 338.71
5-30 282.25
>30 260.54


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1 set of keyboard, mouse, monitor and control 16 computers; do not need to install the software, switch button, hotkey switching, support engine in dial, automatic scanning can monitor any work in computer, cascade, applicable securities market, education and a variety of industries.

Product characteristics:

The single ladder control multiple hosts.
Can be cascaded, with menu No software requirements, only the front panel button, hotkey and OSD control.
The automatic quick scan option for all hosts.
- PS/2 and serial mouse to control all of the computer.
PS/2 mouse support all Microsoft mouse interface.
SVGA VGA and multiple display support.
Super - resolution video quality, 1920*1440; DDC; DDC2; DDC2B.
The LED display control.
The height of support CS series connection wire.
The standard 19 inch chassis.
The hot plug - add or reduce the host without power.
- switching mode: button switch panel
The metal shell: The KVM switch through the keyboard port directly from the host access to power, if your host or notebook cannot provide enough power to the switch, please use DC 9 volts - 500 mA transformer.