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Coaxial HDMI Extender 500m

QTY Price
1-5 251.61
5-30 209.67
>30 193.54


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From a transmitter (TX) and a receiver (RX). The sender supports a HDMI input, the receiver supports a HDMI output.
HDMI supports resolution up to 1080P/60Hz
The use of SYV-75-5 extension cable specifications without HDMI coaxial relay amplification, signal transmission distance up to 500 meters
Adding digital TV network distributor in rf online can easily achieve a signal of mode of allocation, to a switching mode) and many to many matrix model).
Support 80 channel adjustable, frequency range 139MHz~950MHz
The broadcasting signal transmission principle, a single transmission line can transmit high-definition video signal more than 48 channels at the same time
The digital TV communication protocol, with anti noise and anti multipath interference is very powerful error correction capability
The extender is easy to install. The analog monitor system can be upgraded to HD system, continue to use the old connector and cable original, without changing the line
The use of DC5V/1A external power adapter power supply HDMI extender by coaxial 500m