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Products > Other Transceiver >Ethernet Coax Converter,4 Coax Input/Output RJ45 Port for IP Camera 1.5km

Ethernet Coax Converter,4 Coax Input/Output RJ45 Port for IP Camera 1.5km

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Through coaxial cable transmission, it can provide 100Mbps network flow with regular video cable or twisted pair; support 32-way 720P image (a million images) transmission, 24-way 960P image (1.3 million images) transmission, and 16-way 1080P image (two millions images) transmission.

Thus, just replacing the front camera, plus EOC transmitter device, you can upgrade the analog systems to HD digital network, save wiring time, manpower and material resources.


  • Analog monitoring surveillance and HD network upgrading without replacing the coaxial cable 
  • Long distance network extended and can be up to 200 meters
  • Support multi-point access, one point to multi-point access
  • Plug and play, no need to set
  • Long distance centralized power supply, the effect is equivalent to PoE power supply
  • Transmission via coaxial cable, twisted pair, telephone line and other transmission media
  • There must be two or more transmissions, the same link(within the same physical coaxial or twisted pair) just set up the master device to support multiple devices work simultaneously