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HD-SDI Fiber Optic Repeater

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Special note:

1 this model supports a SD/HD-SDI (720P/1080I/1080P), with a reverse 485 control signal 2 this model product can be adaptive single multi-mode fiber, without distinction, optical fiber interface for FC port 4 super stable, export quality, no black screen flicker phenomenon SDI optical transceiver (1 SD/HD-SDI) .

Product description:

This model SD/HD-SDI optical transmitter and receiver are designed for single mode / the ideal of multimode optical fiber cable transmission, economic type transmission equipment through the way SD/HD-SDI video.
SD/HD-SDI mini type optical transceiver with digital optical fiber transmission technology leader.
In a single-mode fiber transmission distance a SD/HD-SDI video signal (optional 1 485 reverse tilt control signal).
Support SMPTE292M. SMPTE259M standard and DVB-ASI (EN50083-9) and other digital TV format signal.
The device is composed of two parts: the transmitter (Tansmitter) is used to transmit the SDI to the optical signal, and the receiver (Receiver) is used to receive the optical signal to turn it into a SDI signal output.

Functional properties:

Optical fiber transmission of HD-SDI HD digital video;
SD, HD input automatic detection, support 270Mbit/s-1.48Gbit/s rate, support the new HD-SD 1080P format;
Supports HD-SDI SMPTE-259M, SD-SDI SMPTE-292M serial digital video signal and DVB-ASI signal;
Reliable transmission through multi-mode or single-mode fiber, single-mode fiber 10KM above, the farthest up to 60KM;
Built in cable equalizer Equilizer, clock circuit Reclocker and Driver Cable;
Power and other parameters indicating the status of the LED to monitor system;
The signal input has the automatic cable equalization function, the output has the long line drive function.