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HD323 Multi-System PAL/NTSC HDMI Converter UP and Down Scaler

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1-5 125.00
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This is a versatile Multi-System pal/ntsc hdmi Converter which incorporates upscaler and downscaler,HDMI audio separation and mixture,image show effects(TB mirror,LR Mirror,Over Turn),HDMI image processing(RGB adjustment).

It can be used to down convert or scale the displays with an acceptable resolution to match the displays that are in capable of outputting resolutions,and it can also be used to adjust HDMI image or Audio in all kinds of displays.


HDMI Input:

HDMI input resolution: 480i@60Hz、480p@60Hz、576i@50Hz、576p@50Hz、720p@50/60Hz、1080i@50/60Hz、1080p@50/60Hz.

HDMI graphic resolution: 640x480@60Hz、800x600@60Hz、1024x768@60Hz、1280x720@60Hz、1280x768@60Hz、1280x960@60Hz、1280x1024@60Hz、1360x768@60Hz、1366x768@60Hz、1400x1050@60Hz、1440x900@60Hz、1600x900@60Hz、1680x1050@60Hz、1920x1080@60Hz

Digital Coaxial audio

3.5mm Analog Stereo

HDMI Output:

HDMI resolution: 1080p@60Hz、1080p@50Hz、720p@60Hz、720p@50Hz、576p@50Hz、480p@60Hz、1680x1050@60Hz、1440x900@60Hz、1366x768@60Hz、1280x1024@60Hz、1024x768@60Hz、800x600@60Hz、640x480@60Hz

Digital Coaxial audio

3.5mm Analog Stereo

Multi-System pal/ntsc hdmi Converter can up and down Scaler Typical Application:

  • LCD or Plasma flat-panelmultimedia advertising project
  • Big screenLED wall displays project
  • Large projection equipment demonstration system
  • Large and medium-sized video conferencing system
  • Multimedia teaching system
  • Bank,securities or any other financial system

Interface Details:

Connection Instruction: