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HD6000Mini Wii to HDMI HD Adapter with Video and Audio Converter

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1-5 42.50
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>30 40.20


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HD6000MINI is Wii to HDMI HD Adapter with Video and Audio-in Full Digital HDMI Format.It converts analog Component Video and Audio from Wii to digital HDMI,it offers you perfect video and audio enjoyment of playing Wii games with your friends and family on big screen HDTV.This converter automatically detects the Wii resolution and up-scales the resolution 480i/p to HDMI 720P or 1080P.


Wii to HDMI HD Adapter

- Power supply: It gets power directly from WII,no extra power supply is needed 
- Input Resolution: 480i 480p 576i 576p 720p 1080i 1080p 
- HDMI Output Resolution: 720P 60Hz 1080P 60Hz 
- Output: HDMI  3.5mm Audio 
- Input: WII 16pin male 
- Working Temperature: 25-60 C 
- Relative Humidity: 60%-85% 
- Dimensions: 78*36*15 mm 
- Weight: 25g

Connection Image

Interface Specification


Installation Steps:
  •     Connect the HD6000-Mini to the Wii.
  •     The HDMI cable willinsert into the HDMI output port on the converter and the HDMI input port on your TV.
  •     Turn on your TV and Wii,The converter start to work!

Operating Instructions:
  •     Turn on your TV and put it to the correct HDMI video input channel
  •     Put it into correct TV Resolution ,(720P/1080P)
  •     Turn on your Wii. Your Wii will now play through the HDMI port