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Products > 1x4 SDI Splitters >HD614 SDI 1x4 Splitter 1 Input 4 Output

HD614 SDI 1x4 Splitter 1 Input 4 Output

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1-5 98.50
5-30 96.80
>30 94.30


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This compact SDI splitter is with a series of advanced technology. 

With build-in broadcast splitter chipset scheme and distributes SDI signal to 4 identical and synchronized SDI outputs perfectly. 

Supports SD-SDI (270Mbps), HD-SDI (1.485Gbps) and 3G-SDI (2.97Gbps) video format. 

HD614 adopts aluminum alloy material to enhance the signal shield and achieve better video conversion effect. 

Benefits from the aluminum material quick heat dispelling,1x4 sdi splitter can work stable 24x7 non-stop.


Interface Details:                                                                                                                                                        

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