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HD7611 Component Signal to Composite & S-Video Converter Box

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HD7611 Component Video (YPbPr) to Composite Video and S-video converter box is a plug-and-play automatic video converter that provides instant decoding of the high-quality Component Video signal to Composite Video and S-Video to facilitate the viewing of video content on televisions, projectors or other devices that do not have component video input.


-Input: 1 X Component Video (YPbPr), 1 X Stereo Audio R/L
-Output: 1 X Composite Video (RCA), 1 X S-video 
-Input component video resolution: 1080P/60, 1080P/50, 1080i/60, 1080i/50, 720P/60, 720P/50,  576P, 480P, 576i and 480i.
-Simultaneously output Composite Video and S-Video.
-Stereo Audio output supports earphone.
-Output Composite Video supports both NTSC and PAL.
-Portable size: 11 (L)X7(W)X2.6(H) cm
-Black piano color
-Power supplier: 5V/2A

Connection Image:                                                                                                                                                       


Interface Specification:                                                                                                                                                    

     (1) LED Indication 
     (2) YPbPr input 
     (3) Audio R/L inputs 
     (4) DC 5V power supply input 
     (5) Audio output
     (6) Composite Video output 
     (7) S-Video output 
     (8) NTSC/PAL switch

Package Included: