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HDMI /MHL Audio (SPDIF+R/L) Extractor

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1-5 38.53
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>30 29.63


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One HDMI or One MHL input converter to one HDMI+ One SPDF+ One LR Audio Out;

Output audio support: SPDIF+R/L analog Audio Output;

Support Full HD 1080P, Full 3D,4K*2K resolution;

Support ARC Function: Without adding one extra HDMI Cable, it can reverse the audio to the AV;

Amplifier by HDMI Cable connection wHDMI/ MHL working in dual mode, can reduce the number of ports HDMI to achieve the synchronization of audio signal separation. There are ADV / 2.0CH / 5.1CH three kinds of audio mode options LED indication: when source or sink is working, LED relative to is light. No loss of quality Installs in minutes Need DC5V/1A power supply.