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Products > HDMI Matrix Switch >HDMI Martix Switch 4x2 3D 1080P

HDMI Martix Switch 4x2 3D 1080P

QTY Price
1-5 159.16
5-30 132.64
>30 122.43


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1. 3D support, support the highest format 1080p. 

2. Audio and video can be cross switch, switch to the port. 

3. Biggest video signal input level: 1.0 the Vp - p. 

4. The video signal minimum input level: 0.5 the Vp - p. 

5. Support hot plug, casually display equipment. 

6. There are analog sound channel output, can meet power amplifier audio equipment to expand sound quality. And audio fiber/coaxial output interface, can connect the digital audio frequency power amplifier and other equipment, achieve 7.1 channels. 

7. Support the corresponding port DDC2, such as: the IN - OUT1, IN2 - OUT2. 

8. Support the infrared remote control, power off memory function.