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HDMI IR TO Fiber Optic Repeater/Transceiver

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1-5 199.54
5-30 166.28
>30 153.49


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HDMI Fiber Optic Repeater can solve the problems when HDMI signal is transported by long distances, it appear the image Mosaic, color distortion, no transmission and so on. It is designed for network flat display and screen wall display engineering, industrial automation control, medical equipment, security monitoring, multimedia teaching, such as high quality HDMI video signal display system engineering for long distance transport needs of professional design HDMI signal conversion, drive, and restore functionality to a signal transmission system.

Interface type: FC/ST
Transmission distance: 20 (km)
Size (L x W x H): 135*70*27 (mm)
The signal-to-noise ratio (dB) = 75;
Signal impedance: 600
Bandwidth: 1650(MHz)
Power supply: 5(V)
Power consumption: 3.8