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MHL SlimPort to HDMI Adapter

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Applicable models:

OSNexus4 Android; Nexus 5; Nexus7; Optimus G Pro LG; G LG 2; G Pad LG;
G Flex LG; Z5SN Nubia; X6 Nubia; ZTE Z5SLTE; Asus; Padfone Infinity Arrows; Tab; Windows 8; Notebook Ultrathin et al.

Input interface: SlimPort (USB Micro-B, male)
Output interface: HDMI (mother)
Others: USB Micro (mother, for charging)
HDMI standard: HDMI 1.4
HDCP standard: HDCP 1.3
Resolution: Full HD
Working temperature: 0~50 C

Five advantages of SlimPort Technology

Using USB interface.

SlimPort technology does not require the device to configure the MHL interface, only through the existing USB interface can be achieved plug and play, the use of the process, greatly expanding the scope of the display device.

II to achieve high-definition /3D of mobile devices.

SlimPort technology can not only make the mobile phone, tablet and other devices in the data transferred to the full HD display device, but also can be transferred to the 3D display device. Achieve rapid conversion between 2D and 3D.

To connect a variety of display devices.

Because SlimPort technology only needs USB interface, it can realize the conversion and transmission of signal. So it can implement a mobile device to connect multiple monitors at the same time, running different effects on each of the monitor application.

To extend the battery life of mobile devices.

In the process of linking, slimport technique does not consume battery power, reduce the effectiveness of mobile devices, but to maintain battery life, extend the performance of mobile equipment, effective protection of the mobile devices.

The free use of.

The characteristics of SlimPort technology is the biggest open, so it does not have any royalties or fees.

1. Slimport HDMI adapter, can be connected to the mobile device to the big screen display.
2. can be compatible with millions of HDMI display, projector, tv.
3. theater level HD video to enjoy, support 3D video.
4. playback device content at the same time, the device can also be charged by power.
5. supports full HD 60HZ 3D 1080P images.
6. support high speed with network HDMI.