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SV-103TR VGA Extender 300m

QTY Price
1-5 72.34
5-30 60.28
>30 55.64


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  • VGA extender 300m(1 to 1 port) include one transmitter and one receiver.
  • Use a cat5/5 e / 6 cable can extend the VGA signal and audio signal real-time.
  • Transmission distance: VGA video and audio signal can be reach to 300 m;
  • Compatibility: supports VGA, SVGA, XGA designate an SXGA WXGA signal, etc.;
  • Protection: lightning protection, strong anti-interference, stable quality;
  • Operation: Do not need any driver and network Settings in the application, easy to operate;
  • The receiver has the knob can adjust the contrast and brightness of the picture.
  • The highest resolution is 1920 * 1080.
  • The sender also supports local video and audio output.
  • Using imported chip so the quality is stable,support long time working.
  • size: 95*97*28mm
  • weight: 0.8 KG
Video driver bandwidth: 350MHz @ -3dB
Video driver gain: 6dB @ total bandwidth
6dB @ 0-50MHz, 12dB @ 50-150MHz
Video output back damage: less than 10MHz -39dB@
Less than 10MHz -43dB@
VGA input interface: HD15 pin mother head
VGA input signal: 0-0.7Vp-p (75 Ohm load)
VGA input impedance: 75 ohm
Twisted output signal: 2-3.5Vp-p (DC + signal)
VGA output signal: 0-0.7Vp-p (75 Ohm load)
VGA output impedance: 75 ohm
Double stranded output port: RJ45 female head socket
Twisted output impedance: 100 ohm
Audio input interface: 3.5mm stereo audio socket
Audio output interface: 3.5mm stereo audio socket
Audio input signal: -2.5V to +2.5V
Audio input impedance: 10K ohm
Audio output impedance: 75/600 ohm
Power supply: +9V or DC/ 500mA +12V