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Semi-Automatic VGA KVM Switches 2*1

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1-5 53.48
5-30 44.56
>30 41.13


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1.The VGA video bandwidth is 500m, 2048 * 1536 high resolution of the equipment. 

2.Two USB port can realize USB 2.0 switch, USB rate of 480 MBPS, compatible with 1.1, can be used as a HUB is used, connect the camera, mobile hard disk, network CARDS, etc. 127 kinds of USB devices. 

3.Support the PS2 keyboard mouse, and other equipment of the PS2 scanning gun, etc. 

4.Support time automatic switching mode, easy to monitor, switching time interval is adjustable. During a press any key to stop switch, and switch to touch the channel. 

5.Double to support VGA switching, support the DDC signal, support two USB and PS2 used at the same time.

6.Support the LED indicator, indicates the currently selected PC. 

7.Can be an external usb device through the usb interface, at any time following the KVM switch used together.

8.If only do VGA switching when using,can use USB BM line power supply, without a specified port.