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Single Fiber DVI HD Video Transceiver

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Product description:

Fiber optic transmitter is used to solve the DVI image of long distance or long distance transmission equipment. And to solve the problems such as data security, electromagnetic interference. DVI optical transmitter system including a signal transmitter and a receiver, R.G. B signal and data clock signal through the root of a multimode fiber transmission. The biggest characteristic of products is small, easy to install, but only a single fiber can DVI signal transmission, compared with the traditional 4 core DVI transmitter, greatly save fiber resources.

Function characteristic:

Supports the highest resolution: 1920 x HDTV, 1080P 1200@60Hz, supports 36 bit color depth;

Supports DVI and HDMI signal transmission;

Support for the most distant transmission distance: 300 meters (1500MHZ/KM OM3 fiber);

The product is compact and simple, which can be directly connected to the DVI interface of the image information source and display device.