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Products > Audio Switch >Spdlf/Toslink Switch 3X1 with IR

Spdlf/Toslink Switch 3X1 with IR

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IN1 ~ 3:SPDIF/Toslink optical fiber input terminal
Green LED: input signal source port light. In the power off when all the lights are off.
PWR (red LED): power indicator
SWITCH: short press on selection for the input signal source, long press 3 seconds to power off;
Short press the power switch off.
Figure 1.2 schematic diagram of the rear panel
IN:5V DC/5V DC power supply input port
L-OUT-R: Simulation of left and right channel audio output: stereo Headset output port 3.5
OUT:SPDIF/Toslink optical output terminal

Connection and operation:

  • from the mouth of the HD signal source output SPDIF/Toslink through optical fiber line connected to the audio decoder arbitrary a SPDIF/Toslink input port.
  • digital audio from the audio decoder, the SPDIF/Toslink output port through the optical fiber line is connected to the power amplifier.
  • analog audio from the audio decoder, the L/R output port through the audio line connected to the power amplifier or tv.
  • the use of Headset, can be Headset (3.5mm connector) into the audio decoder HP output port.
  • the 5V power adapter to switch power supply input port, and then plug into the socket adapter.
  • using the switch button on the decoder input signal corresponding to the source selection.

Product specifications: ADCN0001M1
Audio format support --- DTS/DTS-CD/AC3/HDCD/THX/PCM/LPCM
Digital input level --- 0.1~1Volts P-P
L/R analog output (1kHz@0dB) --- 800mV RMS
Headset output power (1kHz@0dB RL=32)--- 30mW
The signal-to-noise ratio of @0dB (CCIR/ARM) --- 90dB
Distortion --- 0.1%
Frequency response --- 20Hz~20KHz
The maximum working current --- 350mA
Power adapter specifications --- AC input DC output: 5V/1A 100V-240V 50/60Hz;
Working temperature --- -10 ~ +55 C
Operating humidity range --- 5 ~ 90%RH (no condensation)
Size --- 85x62x21 (mm)
Weight --- 148g