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USB2.0 Splitter Extender 200M

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The eKL-HUE is an USB 2.0 extender which can extend 1 way USB to 200 meters far away, output USB Hub with 4 ports.
Using 1 single CAT5E/6 UTP cable. Receiver with power support, so can run high power consumption USB devices like USB extener HHD, USB extender DVD-rom, etc.

  •  200m USB 2.0 splitter extender with single CAT5E/6 cable, support usb HUB function;
  •  Transmission distance as far as 150m by CAT5E (use AWG24 standard CAT5E cable);
  •  Transmission distance as far as 200m by CAT6E (use AWG24 standard cat6 cable);
  •  Support USB 2.0 protocol, Compatible 1.1;
  •  The reciever with 4 USB output;
  •  Can hot-plug and hot unplug USB equipment;
  •  Compatible with various operating systems without drive, convenient and quick operation;
  •  High-grade metal shell design, perfect hand feeling;
  •  Strict control of the raw materials, manufacturing and testing procedure under the ISO9001 standard, high quality and and Worry-free after-sales;