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VGA Extender 100m by Single Cat5E

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>30 53.22


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1. VGA extender, 100 meters / 328ft, The sender and the receiver with a single cable transmission, the sender with a local VGA output and support voice transmission

2. Support VGA, XGA, SVGA, UXGA video signal, the best resolution:1024*768@60Hz

3. Bandwidth of local video driver:550MHz-3dB

4. Bandwidth of the transmission video driver:350MHz-3dB

5. Input & Output impedance: 75 Ω

6. support VGA resolution:VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA,WXGA,UXGA

7. Input at most 10m, output less than 25m( use AWG24 standard 3+6 VGA cable)

8. Support audio transmission

9. Through the dial the code switch can choose 0 m to 100 m

10. Transmission distance as far as 100 meters/ 1024x768@60Hz (use AWG24 standard CAT5E cable)

11. Imported chip, reliable and stable transmission, away from the chip burned puzzle

12. Antistatic and anti-static design to achieve real industrial-grade protection

13. Strict control of the raw materials, manufacturing and testing procedure under the ISO9001 standard, high quality and and Worry-free after-sales.