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8 Port VGA Splitter 500MHZ

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1-5 72.58
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>30 55.83


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8 Port VGA Splitter 500MHZ simultaneously delivers high resolution VGA video from a single source to up to eight separate monitors. With support up to 500MHz VGA video bandwidth and resolutions up to 1920 x 1440, this high performing splitter offers superior image quality. Monitors can be positioned up to 85m away from the VGA video source. The VGA splitter is used to display the same content from one computer to several terminals. It apply to the desktop,notebook, LCD TV, projector, flat display, liquid crystal display,etc.  It will save your time, money, device, energy---a good assistant of your life and work.

1.Bandwidth 500MHz.

2. Maximum output length: 85 Meter.

3. A computer distribution to multiple monitors. Can be applies to the projector.

4. Built in high- quality transformers. 

5.220v Power supply.