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Products > 2 port VGA Splitter > 1 to 2 VGA Splitter 350MHZ

1 to 2 VGA Splitter 350MHZ

QTY Price
1-5 48.38
5-30 40.31
>30 37.21


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1 to 2 VGA Splitter 350MHz takes computer's Video signal and displays it on up to two analog monitors. The same image is displayed on all monitors. This VGA Video Splitter provides fast, flexible, solutions for Test Bench Facilities, Data Centers, or video broadcasting such as Remote Monitoring, Presentations, Educational Facilities, and Stock Quotes.

1. For video connectivity with HD-SUB15 computer plugged acne.

2. A computer image distribution to multiple displays, monitors inside.
3. Can be applies to the projector.
4. Resolution up to 1920 × 1440.
5. Bandwidth 350MHz.
6. Built-in high-quality transformer, 220V power supply directly.
7. Maximum output length : 65Meter.