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4 Input 4 Output VGA True Matrix 4X4 Switch

QTY Price
1-5 345.96
5-30 288.3
>30 266.12


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1. VGA true matrix, 4x4, 4 input 4 output with remote control

2. True matrix, four way VGA output signal can be same or different images,easy to mix input signals

3. VGA Bandwidth 600MHz, Support VGA, XGA, SVGA, UXGA video signal, support VGA resolution up to 1920*1440@60Hz

4. Bandwidth of video driver: 600MHz-3dB

5. Input & Output impedance: 75 Ω

6. support VGA resolution:VGA, SVGA, XGA, SXGA,WXGA,UXGA

7. Support remote control ( control distance≥10m)

8. Infra-red frequency: 38KHz

9. LCD display on the panel and independent button operation, clear and intuitive

10. Input at most 10m, output less than 25m( use AWG24 standard 3+6 VGA cable)

11. Industrial design with RS232 serial interface, convenient connected to computers

12. 190ns speed switch, away from the black screen

13. Strict control of the raw materials, manufacturing and testing procedure under the ISO9001 standard, high quality and and Worry-free after-sales.