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VGA USB Mouse Audio KVM Optical Fiber Extension

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The MTS-KM1108-TR transmitter (with the mouse) By the transmitter and receiver, through a core fiber transmission DVI, keyboard, mouse, audio, microphone signal. In multimedia application system, long-distance transmission DVI signal, mouse and keyboard, etc., but use of cable in long distance transmission, signal attenuation distortion, partial color, blur, ghosting, tailing or moire interference.

KVM optical transceiver using advanced digital high-definition video and high-speed optical fiber transmission technology, can easily be mainframe computers, high-definition video signal source, video recorder (DVR), equipment of HD DVI video signal long distance transmission to the far end, the transmission distance 0~2KM (multimode) /0~100KM (single), support 1920 x 1080@60Hz. The transmitter supports a DVI, a DVI interface, USB interface, audio input, MIC output, DVI output, USB interface keyboard mouse, audio output, MIC input. With DVI-KVM optical transmission attenuation of the advantage of small, wide frequency band, strong anti-jamming performance, high safety performance, small volume, light weight, save construction cost and wiring convenient etc., so in the long distance transmission and special environment has incomparable advantages. This device can be used in the remote control operation for the local host, the effective protection of the internal information is not being copied, leakage.