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Products > Audio Converters >Digital to Analog Converter 4 SPDIF (2 Fiber +2 Coaxial) YMHD008

Digital to Analog Converter 4 SPDIF (2 Fiber +2 Coaxial) YMHD008

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1-5 40.89
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>30 31.45


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4 SPDIF (2 fiber +2 coaxial) digital audio input, the switch to a fiber output of the first fiber, while converting analog audio output and 1 channels headphone output 1 L/R DAC 192KHz/24bit audio conversion chip

Optical fiber output support Dolby DTS, AC3, THX, HDCD, LPCM and other digital audio format

Supports LPCM digital audio format to convert analog audio output

Automatic detection and identification of input digital audio signal format, non LPCM audio input analog output automatically mute Audio input status indicator. When no audio input or input error data, the corresponding channel indicator lights start flashing A key to switch the input and power standby, easy to operate

Headphone amplifier output, can directly drive the 3.5mm plug common headphones

High quality sound quality, low noise, power memory function, automatically switch to the last time after the switch to the use of the signal channel Use DC5V/1A external power adapter power supply.