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Mini Display Port to HDMI + VGA Adapter YMDP019

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DisplayPort Mini to VGA+hdmi converter, you can connect a standard mode monitor, projector or with VGA or LCD. interface or cable HDMI The new MacBook, macbook pro, MacBook Air has a mini DisplayPort, can let you use an adapter for connecting an external monitor or projector. 

You can use an external monitor to expand your main workspace or desktop, or you can work with the projector in the mirror mode, and you can see the same picture with the viewer. 

Your MacBook, macbook pro or MacBook Air connected to a standard pattern display, projector, or have VGA and HDMI interface or cable LCD using the mini DisplayPort to VGA or HDMI adapter DisplayPort MacBook only for MacBook, Pro MacBook and Air Mini 


  • Compatible with V1.4B 1080P specifications and supports HDMI Full HD output, supports 10.2Gbps video broadband Support 12 bits (24-bits) color depth 
  • Support multi-channel audio through 
  • The latest generation of digital analog converter IC, transfer height color analysis 

  • The video resolution of up to 1920*1200 Applicable equipment Applicable to the MacBook, macbook pro, macbook pro air, inch apple one machine iMAC21.5/27, Lenovo x1, Dell XPS, and equipped with mini DisplayPor interface of other brand notebook or graphics and use VGA connector HDMI, monitors, projectors, LCD and LED display etc.. 
  • Support model *MB413/MB418/MB420/MB466/MB467/MB470/MB471/MB543/MB604 *MB940/MB985/MB986/MB990/MB991 *MC024/MC026/MC118/MC207/MC226/MC233/MC234/MC413 *MC503/MC504/MC505/MC506/MC508/MC509/MC511/MC516 *MC700/*MC721/*MC723/*MC724/*MC725 *MC812/MC813/MC814/MC847/MC950/MC966/MC968/MC969 * Association: X1/W530/T430/X230 ThinkPad * DELL: xps14z/xps15/xps15z/xps17 All DisplayPor MINI mouth graphics and other notebooks