WiFi Digital Photo Frame

What is WiFi Digital Photo Frame

The WiFi Digital Photo Frame is a digital picture frame update photos by WiFi wireless network.
  • WiFi Photo Frames are different in outlook, size, material and features.
  • Most Wi-Fi picture frames have components computers have like LCD display, CPU, memory (RAM and flash memory) , control, operation system, WiFi module.
  • They do a simple task to slideshow pictures or videos and can adjust content on portrait or landscape orientation.

The Benefit of WiFi Digital Photo Frame

  • Easy way to share photos to non-tech parents, grandparents, relatives and friends in different cities and states
  • Connects people together with WiFi picture frame
  • Easy to set up, usually within a few minutes
  • Super easy to use, just plug in and enjoy
  • Easy to send photos, just click on cellphone or drag photos from computer
  • Organize your photos frozen in the hard drive, computer and smartphones
  • Relieve all your SWEET memories
  • Best gifts for a loved one to show your care

Why Hdgenius WiFi Picture Frame

  • Slideshow pictures with extraordinary clarity, color & brilliance
  • Automatically turn on/off by schedule time
  • Elegant REAL WOOD FRAME for home décor
  • "WOW" guests and visitors
  • Made of Premium components from top supplier
  • 100% inspection before shipment
  • Secure, Safe Payment by Paypal and Stripe
  • Excellent customer service from Santa Clara, California.

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WiFi Digital Photo Frame in your home and business

Wi-Fi Digital Photo Frame FAQs

How does Wi-Fi digital photo frame work?
WiFi digital photo frame use 2.4G or 5G wifi wireless network to download digital photos, store pictures to the frame's internal memory and slideshow them on its screen.
How do you put picture on a digital photo frame?
Drag and drop selected pictures to a flash drive/card, plug to the frame's USB port or card slot, digital frame will display photos.
WiFi enables digital photo frame need to pair the frame with a smartphone and send photos, the frame will download photos to internal memory and show automatically.
What should I look for in a digital photo frame?
When buying a digital photo frame, these basic features should be considered:
1, Display size: Usually digital photo frame screen size is 7 inch, 8inch, 10 inch, 13 inch,15 inch.
2, Resolution: We suggest to buy 1024*600,1280*800 or even higher resolution like 1080P Full HD(1920*1080) screen.
3, Aspect Ratio: Usually two kinds aspect ratio 16:9(good for smartphone photos and videos, widescreen) and 4:3(fit for digital photos by DSLR, standard)
4, Built-in storage: Recommend 4GB or greater to store more pictures.
5, Connectivity: Digital photo frame provide at least one connectivity from USB, SD card, WiFi, Bluetooth.WiFi enable digital frame is easy to sync pictures.
6, Frame: Most digital photo frame use plastic, aluminum, brass, wood or glass frame.
Can a digital photo frame play video?
Most digital photo frames play JPEG, BMP, PNG digital photos. Some digital frame can play videos in MPEG-4, AVI format.
What is the best WiFi digital photo frame?
●Hdgenius 10 inch wifi digital picture frame
●Nixplay seed 10.1-inch widescreen digital wifi photo frame
●Hdgenius large digital photo frame 13-inch wifi
●Aura Digital Photo Frame - 9.7” HD
●Hdgenius 7 inch wifi picture frame wood
●Pix-Star 10 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Picture Frame
●Meural smart frame 27 inch
What is the price of digital photo frame?
●Hdgenius 10 inch wifi digital picture frame - 129USD
●Nixplay seed 10.1-inch widescreen digital wifi photo frame - 149.99USD
●Hdgenius large digital photo frame 13-inch wifi - 159USD
●Aura Digital Photo Frame - 9.7” HD - 299USD
●Hdgenius 7 inch wifi picture frame wood - 79USD
●Pix-Star 10 Inch Wi-Fi Cloud Digital Picture Frame - 154.99USD
●Meural smart frame 27 inch - 645.99USD
What size digital photo frame is best?
According to data collected from the top store like Amazon, Bestbuy, Newegg, the most welcomed digital photo frame is 10 inch(diagonal measure).
It is the balance of view experience, size and price.
How much power does a digital photo frame use?
Per the testing, the power consumption of Hdgenius wifi picture frame is as below:
7 inch -- 3.5-watt max
10 inch -- 4-watt max
13 inch -- 9.5-watt max
How do you resize a picture to fit a digital photo frame?
1,Find the picture you like to resize, right click and select open with, Paint(Windows built-in photo edit software).
2, Select Stretch/Skew tool in the main menu.
3, Change the Horizontal and Vertical percentages to a percentage less than 100 or to fixed pixels.
4, Select the main menu File >> Save As to save the resized image.
5, You can also crop the photo, add text, draw objects to custom the photo as you like.
What is the best resolution for digital photo frame?
The digital picture frame is measured by inches, using a ruler straight from corner to corner. The most popular digital frame sizes are 10 inches and 7 inches. The user prefered resolution for the 7 inch and 8 inch frame is 800*600 or higher like 1024*600, the 10 inch digital picture frame is 1280*800 or greater. 13 inch and above large digital photo frame should be 1920*1080 full HD or greater like 2K even 4K resolution.

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