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It is a nice shopping. If it can allows picture transfer from PC to digital photo frame directly,that would be perfect. While the after sales provides 2 solutions about how to transfer photos from PC to DPF. That is acceptable. Hope it improves in future.
Bought one as B-day present. Shippment was delayed for about several days due to Covid but still catch up the B-day luckily. It is a nice phame. we love it.
I select big size screen and bought 3 pcs 13inch digital photo frame for my shop to showcase the clothes. 2 are working fine. One is keeping on rebooting after working normally for a short period time. Feedback to the supplier. They sent me software to solve it but failed. Then they provided me UPS shipping label and I obtain a replacement. Now all 3pcs are good. Efficient service I should say.
I was impressed by the 10inch size digital photo frame when I overviewed this store. Bought two units home as new year gift, one for my mother and the other for my father-in-law. The elder ones are not familiar to use SNS and can not be shared the photos from the young family memebers. The two both like the gift very much. Now they can check photos anytime, and very easily! I am thinking of buying one more for my wife too as the Valentine's gift. It is perfect to recall all the happy times!
I bought one 7inch digital photo frame from HDgenius for Christomas gift, when I got the product, it works perfectly but realize it is a bit smaller in size.This is bought for my 90years old grandpa and bigger size would be more comfortable for him to review photos. So I contact the serive and exchange a 10inch one. The bigger ones looks so amazing! I can see my grandpa's laugh every day now! Thank you for the amazing produdct and instant after sale service!
This is my second time to purchase HDGENIUS frame. I had a 10-inch and liked it so much that I purchased 8pcs 7-inchscreen to send as gift to friends. I love that I can organize my images using the online website. I also enjoy the surprise images that appear of my granddaughters added to my frame by their parents. I have recommended these frames to family and friends and will be purchasing another for the coming Christmas next month. The photo frame works well for photos taken with cell phone cameras. Very nice!
We were looking for a Christmas present for the people in our family who have everything and stumbled upon this idea from a co-worker for my mom and Grandpa. I set this up for my Grandpa (94) in his house for all of the grandkids (12) to be able to send him pictures. He was almost in tears when I set it up and sent a few pics to the frame while he was standing there. Everything worths! I choose the biggest size 13inch in this company so my grandpa can see it more comfortably. very amazing product!
I really like this frame. The resolution is great. It also makes it very easy to quickly share photos from my phone that I have locally or in an account. I was also able to share this with my wife so she can do the same. I really think I will be getting these for Christmas gifts this year.
It allows us to send pictures from our vacations and family gatherings. Easy to set up and use. The picture quality are fantastic and clear, worth every home to have one.
Happy family photos display in wood digital picture frame
I love this! Download pics from vacations, wedding and spring break trips with the girl..I never have to manually adjust the photos for it! My daughter likes to see all her pictures since she was born to 5 years old, and they are all in great clarity and brillance.
cute baby in  Hdgenius 10 inch wifi picture frame
This thing is great! Since my dad is 1200 miles away and not on facebook, this makes it so nice to be able to easily share photos! Very simple to use. Love it!
7 inch Hdgenius wifi digital photo frame wood display baby boy on the table
We purchased this as a Christmas gift for my in-laws so we could upload photos of their grandson for the past year. We usually make a photo book per their request to capture adventures from the past year since they live across the country and this is the perfect way to help them stay connected. The setup was very easy, and we appreciate the wifi capability; what a great way to upload picture to the frame via iPhone.
13 inch large wooden wireless digital frame display boy drive car in the snow picture
I bought this frame as a gift. It is easy setup and super easy to use. My 82 yo grandma liked the real WOOD FRAME and happy to received photos from grand child.
Black wireless digital picture frame display happy family besides Christmas tree
The frame I received is absolutely stunning, it has great picture quality and super easy to set up and use. The portrait and landscape modes switches flawlessly when you turn the frame, fit to screen and fill screen mode has made it even better. Couldn't be easier to share photos. So perfect!
Black digital frame display vertical picture on desktop with HDgenius box
Clear pictures. Love it! I gave this to my GF as a gift. Super easy to set up and use. Awesome product. Want one for myself!!!!

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