6 reasons a wifi digital photo frame makes a great Christmas gifts for parents02/12/2019

What gifts are you prepare for your parents and grandparents? No ideas yet?

HDgenius digital picture frame is a great Christmas gift for parents and grandparents

Try this elegant REAL wood wifi digital photo frame!

Why parents and grandparents will like a wifi photo frame?

1, Parents and grandparents like to watch photos, especially from their child, grandchild, friends, and more.

2, Wifi digital photo frame is easy to use. As the digital frame is low tech gadgets, parents only need to plug the adaptor, connects to wifi wireless network, and the Wi-Fi frame will auto sync to receive photos you share to the frame.

3, Wifi photo frame usually have large sizes like 7″,8″,10″,13″,15 inches and even bigger size, it is big enough to see pictures from the frame.

4, Good picture quality. Most smartphone and  digital camera have 10MP or even better image sensor, it is easy to take high-res pictures.

5, Easy setup and have an APP to control. Most wifi digital picture frames have iOS and Android APP, it is easy to set up and send pictures.

6, Instant to receive photos, your parents will receive pictures in seconds, no delay. It is almost real-time.

Here is a comparison chart for wifi photo frame vs SD card photo frame for your reference:

Try HDgenius wifi digital photo frame to decor your home or your parents’ home this Christmas!

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