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What are digital picture frames?

Hdgenius wifi digital picture frame on table

Digital picture frame is a specially designed microcomputer with screen to display photos in the frame looking.

Usually a digital picture frame including a power plug to keep it work continuously. 

Digital picture frames are in different outlook, size, material, and features.

Most digital picture frames have components computers have like LCD,  CPU, memory(RAM and flash memory), control, operation system, WiFi or modem module.

They do simple task to slideshow pictures or videos and can adjust content on portrait or landscape orientation.  

Display size: 

Generally, the digital picture frame size range from 3*5 to 10*12 inch or even larger size to 24*32 inch(diagonal size 40 inch). With a large display, the view experience will be better. Most welcomed digital frame size is 10 inch; it is the best size to play digital camera photos and smartphones pictures.


Display resolution advises us the number of distinct pixels in each dimension(horizon and vertical) that can be displayed on a display device like an LCD screen. We suggest user buy at least 800*600, 1208*800 or even higher resolution display like 1080P full HD. Same size screen, the higher the resolution, the better the view experience.

Aspect ratio: 

The aspect ratio of the display is a consistent relationship between width and height. It is expressed as two numbers separated by a colon (x:y). Common aspect ratios for digital frame displays include  4:3(fits digital camera photo, standard ) and 16:9(good for video usually called widescreen).

Frame material: 

The Outer layer material used on the digital frame, usually from plastic, metal(aluminum, brass, alloy ), glass or wood. Some digital frame provides interchangeable cover for decor.

Built-in storage: 

The internal memory to store pictures. The higher, the better. A large capacity built-in memory doesn’t need an extra SD card to put in or USB stick to connect. Now many digital frame offer 4GB, 8GB, or even higher memory base on price.

Memory card/USB driver: 

A new way to display photos once the built-in memory is full or don’t have photos source to slideshow pictures. Usually, digital frame supports the same memory card as digital camera use called SD card, memory stick, and USB flash driver.

Wi-Fi connection: 

A new and convenient way to connects the electronic photo frame with a photo site and mobile devices like smartphones and tablets to receive photos.

Some digital frame has a speaker to play videos and music, some even use Android system to slideshow photos from Facebook, Instagram, Flicker, Google photo, and more.

What Is a Digital Picture Frame Made of?

Below is the disassembly picture of Hdgenius 7 inch WiFi Digital Picture Frame wooden frame, for example:


CPU is the shorten of Central Processing Unit, a digital frame usually use a  CPU same as a video game or smartphone, and tablets use.


The screen surface material demonstrate the image quality of a digital picture frame. Most digital picture frames are equipped with a matte, non-reflective display such as LED, LCD, or IPS. On the same time, others come with a screen placed under a piece of glass. As glass reflects light, an anti-glare coating is always required for a glass screen frame to make images clear.


Wood, plastic, metal, or glass is the most common material of its surrounded frame. Some types of digital frames also offer interchangeable face-plates that can change its look to fit the surrounding decor.


Most digital picture frames have RAM(Random Access Memory) to run the operating system and built-in flash memory (512 MB, 4 GB or 8 GB) to store images, and some with a memory card slot to extend extra image space. The most common types of supported memory cards are SD, compact flash, and memory stick.

Hdgenius provide dual quality DRAM to run the system faster, load pictures quicker for smooth view experience. Premium Micron or SK Hynix 4GB NAND flash can store up to 7500 photos in the WiFi picture frame.


Most digital picture frames adopted one or more connectivity like USB flash, SD card, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth connectivity. Some also offer direct E-mail transmission from a mobile phone or computer.

Other Functions

Besides image display, some digital picture frames are also equipped with a built-in speaker to play video and music. Clock, calendar, alarm, motion sensor, and social media downloading functions are available now.

How many types of the digital picture frame?

Since the birth of digital picture frames in the 1990s, they have seen much evolution in terms of storage method. Generally speaking, they divided into three generations:

Generation Main Features Pros Cons
Gen Ⅰ Card Transmission Easy to use, low price Inconvenient, hard to update photos
Internet Connectivity
Save time to share pictures Complicate than Gen Ⅰ
Gen Ⅲ Intergaration and smarter Smarter and more function Most expensive

First Generation: Card Transmission

The first generation frames were born in the 1990s after the widespread adoption of the digital camera. At that time, the digital camera was widely adopted, but it also left consumers thousands of photos without a feasible way to view them. The digital picture frame was therefore emerged, featuring in the capacity of receiving photos via memory cards, such as SD and SDHC.

Being a new media to display photos, the first generation frames saw a peak market revenue in 2009 until the introduction of Apple's iPad.

Second Generation: Internet Connectivity

The Gen Ⅱ frames allowed consumers to upload photos from the web or another wireless way like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, or cell phone connection. Some digital picture frames also offered cloud storage of up to 10 GB.

Third Generation: Integrated Functionality

As new technology booms, more advanced functions are added and integrated wth the third generation frames. 

These functions, including touchscreen, WiFi remote control, camera technology, etc. Some frames also equipped with alarm, music and movie player. 

Many third party APP also be introduced for easy use like Google Photos, Flicker, Instagram, Facebook, and Dropbox. The digital picture frame is more like a reliable platform to communicate through photos and short videos.

During the past decades, digital picture frames have developed to more than just a photo frame. Which function do you expect in future digital picture frames?

What is the size range of digital picture frames? 

Digital picture frames vary in their sizes from 2.8 to 32 inches. Choose the right one when purchasing it since the option relies upon which kind of photo experience you expect, and where you are going to use the frame - to put on a desk, or to mount on the wall.

The smallest ones are 2.8 inches. They might be too big as key chain, but they are perfect to be kept in a purse, which you may take it anywhere you go.

The 3.5 inch, 5.7 inch,7 inch and 8 inch ones look much more like a conventional picture frame. Most customers use them as a bedside table decoration.

The large one variants range from 9,10, 12 to 15 inches. With the wall-mount function of some brands, you can choose to make it a wall painting or conventional table decoration.

The ones larger than 19 inches are excellent wall decoration for home. Compared with the still image of a picture frame, the large size digital picture frames bring an immersive experience for the home with high-definition, bright, and vibrant art.

The Digital Picture Frame Buying Guide:

In order to find the right digital picture frame, here are 5 tips for you for reference

  1. Select the easy setup and easy use digital picture frame for non-tech savvy parents and grandparents, and the touchscreen will be easier to set up and use.
  2. Select wifi digital frame for better update photo experience.
  3. It is good to select 10 inch and above size for elderly.
  4. IPS LCD have almost full angel to view photos and slideshow photos in great clarity and color.
  5. Service is a plus: some digital frame needs customer support.

For detailed digital frames knowledge, pls click Digital Picture Frame WiKi. You can also check wifi digital photo frame for selects a perfect fit for your home decor or gift it to your loved one.

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