What are digital picture frames & buying guide02/26/2019

What are digital picture frames?

HDGenius wifi digital picture frame black

Digital picture frame is a specially designed micro computer with screen to display photos in frame looking.

Usually a digital picture frame including a power plug to keep it work continuously.

Digital picture frames are in different outlook, size, material and features.

Most digital picture frame have components computers have like lcd display,  CPU, memory(ROM and flash memory) , control, operation system, WiFi or modem module.

They do simple task to slideshow pictures or videos and can adjust content on portrait or landscape orientation.  

Display size: 

Generally, digital picture frame size range from 3*5 to10*12 inch or even larger size to 24*32 inch(diagonal size 40 inch). The larger, the better view experience. Most welcomed digital frame size is 10 inch, it is the best size to play digital camera photos and smart phones.


Display resolution advises us the number of distinct pixels in each dimension(horizon and vertical) that can be displayed on a display device like LCD screen. We suggest user to buy at  least 800*600, 1208*800 or even higher resolution display like 1080P full HD. Same size screen, the higher resolution, the better view experience.

Aspect ratio: 

The aspect ratio of a display is a proportional relationship between the width and height. It is expressed as two numbers separated by a colon (x:y). Common aspect ratios for digital frame displays include  4:3(fits digital camera photo, standard ) and 16:9(good for video usually called wide screen).

Frame material: 

The Outer layer material used on the digital frame, usually from plastic, metal(aluminum, brass, alloy ), glass or wood. Some digital frame provide interchangeable cover for decor.

Built-in storage: 

The internal memory to store pictures. The greater the better. A large built-in memory don’t need extra SD card to put in or USB stick to connect. Now many digital frame offer 4GB, 8GB or even greater memory base on price.

Memory card/USB driver: 

Extra way to display photos once the built-in memory is full or don’t have photos source to slideshow pictures. Usually digital frame support same memory card as digital camera use called SD card, memory stick and USB flash driver .

Wi-Fi connection: 

Additional and convenient way to connects electronic photo frame with photo site and mobile device like smart phones and tablets to receive photos.

Some digital frame have speaker to play videos and music, some even use Android system to slideshow photos from Facebook,Instagram, Flicker, Google photo and more.

The Digital Picture Frame Buying Guide:

1, Select the easy set up and use digital frame for non-tech savy parents and grandparents, touchscreen will be easier to set up and use.

2, Select wifi digital frame for better update photo experience.

3, It is good to select 10 inch and above size for elderly.

4, IPS LCD display have almost full angel to view photos and slideshow photos in great clarity and color.

5, Service is a plus, some digital frame need customer support.

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