Why so many families use digital photo frame?12/05/2018
It is said, digital picture frame failed and people not buying it anymore. Is it true?

Let us search in the US most popular online buying choice-Amazon.

Input "digital picture frame":

digital picture frame search result on Amazon

Over 2000 results for it!

Try "digital photo frame": 

digital photo frame search result on Amazon

Over 8000 results!

Many brands and sellers still in the market.

Let's check the best seller listing of digital photo frame: it has 1881 reviews,equivalent of 94K to 188K units sold out(base on 1%-2% buyer review rate).

digital photo frame Amazon best seller

Amazon's Choice, 4210 reviews, that is 210K-421K units sold out(same review rate as Bestseller)

digital photo frame Amazon's choice

Let us google "digital photo frame" and "digital frame" in Google trends.

All show a sharp increase in search volume from Nov and reach a peak around Christmas, down to average on the end of Dec.

digital frame and digital photo frame in Google Trends from Nov 1st, 2017 to Oct 31th 2018

Many people search them for the gift to their parents, relatives, and more.

Why people still use electronic picture frame nowadays?The benefits of using digital frame are

First, leading brand updates their products to auto sync photo from app by wifi network.

No need to spend a lot of time to manage photos by load SD card, select and share when they like.

Second, better view experience.

Most digital frames have 7",8",10",13" and even bigger size, most have 1024*600 or better resolution(1080P or even 4K), good enough to see pictures taken by smartphone, digital camera even professional DSLR.

Third, better user interface.

Many digital frames with an APP and the people who send the frame have control of it, the buyer needs simple download app, pair and sends pictures, your dad/mum ONLY  need to do is to power on and enjoy.

No need teach your parents/loved one long distance from you how to operate the app on your iPad or tablet, turn on and it will automatically cycling from all pictures in the playlist to bring great times and memories for your loved.

Some even can sync from their Facebook/Instagram accounts; it is real-time updated to see the digital album no matter wherever you go.

Some digital frame support video play, your granny can watch pictures and videos.

HDGenius wifi internet photo frame is high resolution, easy setup, super easy use electronic frame, best gift for your dad, mum, grandma, grandpa, girlfriend, wife, uncle, aunt even your children.

Send sweet photos or greeting video from you to their frames. In a few seconds, your loved one can display forever, and it is the most precious memories accompany them all the time.

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