Is digital photo frame(DPF) an unnecessary existing? Will it be taken place by tablet PC?03/02/2020

Digital photo frame is a traditional product. The tablet PC is getting more and more popular which limit the spread of photo frame. Actually, digital photo frame still have it is market needs. From an survey for 5 thousand people, 44% says digital picture frame with good market potential and have interest to buy. 34% people thinks it is an useless product and the rest 22% have no idea of what it is.It is no hard to see that the need is still relatively high.

In current market, the digital photo frame has realize below functions:

1.      Sending photo over Wi-Fi

2.      Slide show play

3.      Hi definition pictures

4.      Sleeping mode

Today I want to discuss two topics regarding digital picture frame/Wi-Fi photo frame.

1.      In people daily life, it still needs digital smart photo frame?

2.      Will it be taken place by tablet PC?

Question 1 is not a newly arisen question. Since 4~5 year ago, it has often been asked. At that time digital photo frame has it is peak time to attract enough attention in market. Unfortunately it did not last ever because of tablet PC.  The market space for photo frame is shrink badly. Many people worried that it will end up like MP3. So, if digital photo frame still have bright future? If yes, what would support the argument?

In my opinion, during PC, tablet PC, smart phones and digital photo frame, only digital photo frame is can be qualified to display photos as a fixed smart device, It can display the photos one by one in a warm and happy way instead of just “ click and slide” on PC and phones. Digital photo frame is the only suitable device to stand on table and bring all pleasant environment.

Let us come to question 2.

We can see that tablet PC is the upgrade of digital photo frame. Is it not? Put the tablet PC on the table with a stand and download an app to make it be a digital photo frame. While we can ask the people around, have they used their tablet PC in this way? If yes, are they often do that? I believe the answer is NO. Why?


Tablet PC and digital photo frame are two different kind products. The former on is portable personal handhold device while the latter is not portable home half-fix table device. This determines their usage, using time, place, content and ways are with big difference. Here is a table for a general comparison:


Tablet PC

Digital photo frame

Usage method

Handhold operation

Table stand play

Usage time


24hours always on, timing

Usage place


Somewhere fixed, table, wall

Usage content

Any content

Photos, time, calender, weather

Usage status

Personal focus watch

Every home members to take a look

From this table, will you or others will put your tablet or Ipad on table 24hours always on to stay the use status?

So what can a digital photo frame bring to us?

1.It is smart. Photo frame is based on Android core, always on (you can set it to be slide show photo frame mode). Send photos to it from mobile phones and photos could be shared very easily. The screen is light on day and dark in the evening to ensure good sleep environment. If there is people around it lights, if not it is dark. Always on-line.

2. It is beautiful. Firstly the digital photo frame has high definition picture display. It is very enjoyable to view photos on it and recall all the happy moments.Besides, it looks very decorative and artistic to put one on home table or office desk or mount it on the wall.

3. It strengths relationship. Keep a digital photo frame at home, all the family members can share photos from different places. It brings the relationship closer to each other. Especially amazing for the elderly ones which is not got used to Facebook or other SNS.

In all, the digital photo frame is not an useless product. It is just just to obtain “content”, it brings happiness and convenience to family and life. When watching at the photos displaying from the digital photo frame, the feeling is pleasant and enjoyable. So it is a very necessary product and will not be taken place by tablets. It has its own worth.

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