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10 Inch WiFi Internet Photo Frame HD Screen iOS Android APP Cloud Picture Frame

Easy to set up, Super easy to use digital frame
1280*800 pixel IPS screen, displays pictures with extraordinary clarity, color, and brilliance
Connect to Wi-Fi, auto sync and update photos from family and friends
Easily adjusts to display both vertical and horizontal photos
Great gift for your loved ones to show you care
Unit Price: $129.00 - +
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
1 Year Parts & Labor Warranty
Free Shipping


The HDGenius 10 inch WiFi Digital Picture Frame is the best buy smart gadget to connect you with your family anywhere in the world!

Its optimal size is perfect for any room space, including living room, study, or on the dining room table, bed stand. Besides, both vertical and horizontal photos can be automatically rotated for proper display with customizable slideshow.

Premium HD IPS LCD ensures photos displayed sharp and clear.

HDGenius 10 inch wifi digital photo frame to show your photos on bright and full angle IPS LCD

Use only your smartphone to send photos and share the love with your family and loved ones.

Share your love by sending photos of you and your family to your parents and grandparents

Invite as many family members and friends as you want to share their photos on the HDGenius Wifi Digital Picture Frame

Invite family members and friends to share photos to the 10-inch HDgenius wifi digital photo frame

HDGenius 10 inch Wi-Fi digital picture frame has an internal 4GB NAND flash and supports USB2.0/SD card of maximum 64GB to store and share photos.

HDGenius wifi frame supports SD cards and USB 2.0 drivers

HDGenius 10 inch Wi-Fi digital picture frame has an auto-rotation function, offering the best display experience for both vertical and horizontal photos.

HDgenius digital picture frame 10-inch slideshow horizontal and vertical photos in the living room

The wall mounting function makes HDGenius Wi-Fi digital picture frame also home decor. Unlock a new way to enjoy your photos!

HDGenius wifi digital photo frame 10-inch for the wall

3 steps to connect HDGenius Wi-Fi digital picture frame with mobile phone.

3 simple steps to use HDGenius digital picture frame 10 inch

Under sleep mode, you can easily set up turn on/off time to best fit your daily schedule.

HDGenius 10 inch wifi digital photo frame sleep mode to save power


Model No HDGenius10BK
Storage Built-in 4GB NAND flash(7 500 photos)
Screen 10 inch HD IPS display + touch screen
Aspect Ratio 16:10
Wireless IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4GHz WiFi
Support Photo Format JPEG, BMP, PNG
Card Ports
USB 2.0 port*1, SD/MMC port*1
Dimension 11.1"(Width)*7.68"(Height)*1.38"(Depth)
Net Weight 1.67lb(758g)
Certification FCC/CE/RoHS
What is included HDgenius 10 Inch Wi-Fi Internet Photo Frame, UL listed Adapter, Stand, Quick Start Guide


Yancey  2019-06-18
Nice product with beautiful images, easy set up and the app is very user friendly, pictures automatically rotates when you turn it to portrait or landscape. I instantly received pictures from my son when he was on holiday. My friends and my sisters are sending pictures to my frame from time to time when they got some nice stuff, I just can’t get enough watching the photos all day!
Teri  Mc Carthy 2019-06-15
UPS shipping was fast! Its pretty easy to set up, works great. I keep adding pics to this photo frame from my phone, well worth it.
Jason Breslin 2019-06-12
This was a great purchase. I have other family members who have the same frame. It is great that I am able to send photos right to their frame from my phone. Makes it very seamless and simple to use.
Miranda Reagan 2019-06-10
I bought this as a gift for my mother in law. It is awesome to be able to send pictures right away from my iPhone. Also, we have sent the info to other family members to add pictures. She's going to be so excited!
Jacqueline  H 2019-06-06
I like this black frame. It is a great way for my mom to see photos of the family but it needs a strong wifi connection to work.
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Frequently Asked Questions

13  QuestionsSend us Your Question
Your Question
Thanks for your question, usually we will answer within 12 hours,you can see it here and in your by mailbox
+ Hi! Can you have more than one account? Say I had 6 frames and wanted to send different pictures to each of them.
Hello, all the 6 frames can be binded to our app. And you can choose to send photos to whichever frame. The frames can be renamed. Open app, click " pair frame" and then click " frames", long press the photo name to edit a new name so you can know which frame is.
+ Is there an app for windows to use to upload pictures to the frame? I'd like to scan some old photos and upload them from computer instead of phone.
Hi sorry i miss to answer this question. There is no app for pc yet. the pc photos should be transfered to your mobile phone before sending to the frame. hope it help. Luck new year!
+ Can you see the pictures clear from any angle?
Hi, yes, we use IPS panel on the wifi picture frame,the pictures are clear from all angle.
+ Does the frame always have to be plugged into the wall or does it work off a battery that can be charged up?
Hi, the hdgenius digital frame should be plugged into the wall outlet. Thanks for your kindly suggestion, I will pass your idea of developing battery powered wifi digital frame.
+ how many pictures can 4 gb hold
Per our check, the photos send to the digital photo frame usually around 400K, 4GB built-in flash can hold 10 000 photos. That means it need around 3 years if you send 10 photos everyday to fill the 4GB flash of the digital frame.
+Does this work both with 110v and 220v power?
Yes this digital frame does work both with 110v and 220v power. It is one UL listed adapter worked with 100-240V power source.
+Does the frame always have to be connected to WiFi? Can I upload the pictures on WiFi and disconnect? Will the photos stay on the frame?
The HDGenius wifi frame must be connected with Wifi if you want to receive photos send from your family and friends, you can also disconnect the Wifi and play the photos stored on the photo frame.
+Do you have to be on the same WiFi network as the frame to upload pictures?
The wifi digital frame do no need the same Wi-Fi network to upload the pictures, as long as both successfully connect to the internet, you can upload photos no matter you use 4G LTE or WiFi hundreds or thousand miles away.
+How many digital frames can I sync to my phone? Can I send different pictures to different frames?
You can sync as many as 15 HDGenius wifi digital picture frames to your smart phone. You can send same pictures to different picture frames at the same time, you can send different pictures to different photo frames separately.
+Can I transfer photos from my iphone directly to the frame? Do I have to create an email account?
Yes you can transfer photos from iPhone or Android phone directly to the wifi frame. Just download the free app "HDGenius" from App store or Google play to your smartphone, add the frame by pairing the code generated from the frame, then you can select photo from your album or take a photo and send, the frame will receive the photo in a few seconds. You don't have to create any email account or playlist, it is easy to use, we believe it is a great gift especially for parents grandparents.
+Can I add additional storage beyond the 4gb?
Currently our frame can support maximum 64GB SD card or USB 2.0 driver, but it is for upload photos to the frame, it can't be used as additional storage for the frame.
+Is the app that is used to send the pictures free or is there a cost for the app?
It’s free, and you can send up to nine pictures to the digital frame at a time.
+ Can you delete uploaded photos?
Sure, you can delete uploaded photos from the digital frame.

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